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Physical mediumship has not been demoted to books in history but on the contrary is very much active in today’s UK. Although there is an unfortunate lack of public demonstrations of physic mediums UK still had a lot of quite private home circles running. Hundreds of mediums as well as sitters are working diligently with the spirit controls that they possess and practice on developing their gifts. To find a psychic medium UK has been featured on Olson’s directory too, a few of authentic mediums in UK are:

Lynne Caddick
Lynne Caddick Medium in UKLynne is Welsh born medium, also known fondly as ‘peoples psychic’. She has a straight forward and honest personality. She currently resides in Wales, UK. Her abilities include being a seer, trance medium and psychic. She was the first ever British psychic to get published in National directory and register of “Americas and Worlds Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums & Healers”. She is an internationally known power psychic who has helped a lot of people across the globe from all sectors of life. Her guides usually come pretty close which enables her to transform her facial and occasionally bodily features in the state of trance.

Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor Medium in UKSally works with angel cards in order to give her clients guidance regarding everyday life. She also works with the spirits of people who have passed away. The intention of her reading is to enable positive energy inflow in the clients life; the guidance that they need to make necessary changes in their life to fulfill its purpose. She helps people on their process of personal ascension which allows them to reach up to their potential spiritually. Sally also does demonstrations of her mediumship abilities in public, anyone willing to do a charity event can contact her.

Angela McGhee

Angela McGhee Psychic Medium in United KingdomAngela is an international medium, psychic and a spiritualist. She has appeared on several TV and radio shows, she always is an author and columnist. She has had the gift of psychic abilities since birth. She started as a social worker and is now slowly transcending into a celebrity, who is known across the world. She is a very gifted psychic medium; she is able to envisage past, present as well as events in future. Apart from this she can communicate with the souls on the other side in spirit realm, she has demonstrated this on the TV show ‘psychic investigators’.

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