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14 Mar

Love Specialist Isabelle

About My Services

I’m a Psychic with foresight into the future, I have many years of experience with hundreds of satisfied clients around the world.

My specialties as an adviser includes a focus on Children, Divorce, Marriage and General Questions. I’ll never judge you no matter what you been through, domestic abuse, mental or physic abuse, marital problems, the verge of divorce or, if you are just looking for answers.

I can guarantee that all of my clients are treated with extreme confidentiality.

I have more than 15 years’ experience, my clients are all over the world and you can access my services using the kasamba.com website. I can assure you that your problem is not too big or too small.  The advice that I give, will simplify your problems, you will have a clearer opinion from an outsider’s perspective. The first piece of advice that I’ll give you, is to try to focus on one problem at a time.



Experience & Qualifications

My experience is helping people through my expertise.



BSc.(Hons) in Mathematics
I have been a psychic most of my life and practiced this for a number of years.


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