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Know What You Are Looking For

Browsing the internet for the spiritual advisor listings or metaphysical bookstores; you will come across along of terms which explain the work of spiritual advisors. A lot of people tend to stack these into one category and even some of the people who use these as titles for themselves are not positive as to what they represent. To connect with a guide suited to your needs it is vital that you are properly aware of what kind of work will they perform for you; their style and also their source of information.  When someone refers to them self as a psychic medium, intuitive medium and spiMedium Psychic Abilities of reading a crystal ballritual medium or with any similar title, it is almost same thing; medium psychic abilities all revolve around communicating with spirits in afterlife.

Medium: Taking It A Little Deeper

While psychics sense the elements of people’s present, past or future by tuning in their energy; they rely mainly on their sense of basic intuition as well as psychic ability in order to draw together information for individual being read.

The medium psychic abilities take this a little deeper. Mediums’ use their intuitive or psychic abilities to look into a person’s present, past or a future event by tuning into the individual’s surrounding spirit energy. This signifies that the medium psychic abilities are connected to the non physical energy that is outside them selves in order to get relevant and accurate readings for the person who is being read or read for.

Apart from mental mediumship there is also physical mediumship, while only the mind of medium is used in mental mediumship, in physical the actual body is utilised to communicate with the spirit. A well known type of physical mediumship is channelling, another type is a trance; it is when the medium slips in a state of trance to transmit messages from the spirit world.


Services of Psychic Mediums

The medium psychic abilities are based on their ability to communicate with the one’s who have moved on to the eternal life. They tend to work In various ways; some of them use their role as a medium to exclusively provide evidence of life after death in order to provide comfort to the person who came in for psychic reading. Mediums might mention special past times, preferences or objects that person getting the reading identifies with. In these of sittings, information that is relayed does not actually go to the extend to confirm that connection to other side has been established.

Where as other type of mediums also provide confirmation of the existence of those who have been contacted in the other life, mentioning specifics as to what is happening through the medium to the person getting the reading. It may not always be very intense or serious, a medium might relay messages like a loved one does not like your hairstyle, but the readings can be profound and very deep too. In these kind of sittings, the person getting the reading may be able to verify information provided to them about their situation even if not the person providing it.

Mediums instead of complete forces channel complete personalities.  Even though a channel may be conduit for cosmic flux, the medium you see may be able to channel your deceased aunt or anyone for you. this person will be conscious of the personality that is being channelled and is engaged in quirks that might arise in the session.  Some mediums are only comfortable with communicating to spirits they have a long standing relationship with, others may cater to serving their client and call upon unique spirits.

How To Select A Reliable Medium

When you consider a medium session, you need to double the amount of research you would normally do. Here are a few steps that will help you gain the most out of your session

  • Make sure that you feel comfortable around the medium that you have selected
  • Follow the first step for the spirit that is working with the medium too.
  • Browse through their testimonials or talk to the person who has had a reading with this particular medium before

In medium sessions door between the spiritual realm and this world is wide open, so it is crucial that the guide is fully competent and knows how to make everyone stay in their place and that the influences do not go beyond the welcoming point.

We have a selection of psychic mediums, who are fully capable and competent, who will not only provide you with accurate sessions but also ensure that it is safe for everyone, an amateur can instead of helping you bring more misery in your life, so be vary of amateurs and fake enthusiasts to make sure that you remain safe.


  1. I found this extremely inrinestetg because I’ve had a dream where my boyfriends friend that has died from an overdose was talking to me in a dream about my boyfriend and to make sure I made sure my boyfriend knew that his friend was always with him. I have never met this man yet I knew exactly who it was. I woke up in tears and could not get the dream out of my mind for weeks. Also I have been wondering for years why the number 3:33 come up in my life everywhere, I brought it up to my grandmother and she also sees the number everywhere. Does this number signify anything?

    • After many years of being skeptical, I went to my first medium. Am SO glad that I did. GO! You will so relieved and it will help with the grieving process!

  2. i lost my husband just recently and i am having a very hard time with his passing. i need to know if he is ok and that i did the right thing in letting him go or should i fought harder? i feel like i gave up. i also know he want his grandsons to have his guns and two special ones he had picked out but i don’t know which or where they are. i hoped his Military honors and services was to his liking and that He loved me as much as i loved him and still do and still knows i am fighting for him. i hope i am doing everything he wanted me to. if you can help me please let me know. i can’t eat or sleep good and had to go to doctor for headaches i have had since the day he passed. doctor tells me i am having grieving panic attacks and heads with stress. please i also need to kbow he is looking out for our daughters and grandsons and he will be around for all of us . Thank you so very much and if you can’t help i understand.

    • Hi Tamara,

      I am sorry to hear about your lost, I recommend you to connect with those advisors, they can probably guide you and and help you in your situation.

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