Psychic Mediums – Step by Step Guide

    Divine Mystic Energies

    Divine Mystic Energies

    About My Services   Thank you for stopping by to read my profile. I have been bless with the gift of empathy, Psychic, Clairvoyance and

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      Psychic Medium Love Specialist Isabelle

      Love Specialist Isabelle

      About My Services I’m a Psychic with foresight into the future, I have many years of experience with hundreds of satisfied clients around the

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        love readings by saj

        Love readings by Saj

        About My Services I am a natural born -divine blessed- intuitive reader. I am a trance reader, my gift is to get inside people’s subconscious

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          Accurate Love Readings

          Accurate Love Readings

          About My Services I use meditation and the help of spirits and holy water. I truly believe in the power of spirituality and tarot. I will remove all

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            Spirit Amy

            About My Services I’m an honest reader, I’ve been providing thousands of reading over the last years. My specialty as medium is through

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              mystic knight


              About My Services I’ve been helping people for more than 17 years. I’ll give you a different point of view, one that will help you to

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              Do you need answers from those who have passed away? The team of best psychic mediums is eager to help you move on with your life. Our gifted physic mediums will act as a portal between the two worlds to get you the answers you seek. 100% scam free services by the medium readers that will bring you the peace of mind. Look no further, wait no further; you deserve answers; you deserve to be able to live a healthy life without the unknown, unanswered haunting you, contact us and you will seek the answers you are looking for.

              Psychic Mediums: who are they?

              When the word “medium” is used in discussions about the psychic abilities, it refers to those that are in communication with the spirit world, a psychic medium is someone who speaks, in some way, to those who are psychically dead. The psychic mediums have ability to sense and consequently communicate with energies and beings in thPsychic Mediums are in communication with the spirit worlde other dimensions, this includes the spirits of people who have moved on to afterlife. Psychic mediums are usually called upon when people have questions or issues unresolved for the ones, who have passed away, usually their loved ones. The medium readers may use different ways to facilitate the clients’ communication with the other dimension like tarot card readings, crystal balls, psychometric and palmistry.

              An Authentic Psychic Medium receives messages from spirit world in various ways. Some may receive messages that are actually audible to them, or they can visually see them. Others may have intuitive communication, where the words and images appear in form of mental impressions to be relayed forward to living.

              It is important for a real psychic medium to be present in order to communicate with the spirit world, even during séance; the method through which messages are conveyed to the people at that event from the spirit world may be a medium. Even though some mediums slip into a state that is trance like, other may remain completely lucid and awake while communicating in between the worlds.

              How to contact an Online Psychic Medium?

              In today’s world, you do not need to search for a psychic medium around town; you can do it via few clicks on the internet. There are countless websites offering psychic medium services; you can contact them via telephone, email or even live chat sometimes.

              The problem with this however is everyone claims to be the real psychic medium; this is not always the case. A lot of people get scammed through these claims every year. So how do you distinguish real from fake? Read on.

              Start an Authentic Medium Reading Now

              Fake or Real?

              In today’s psychic industry, it is shocking that one out of four people who claim to be medium readers or psychic are actually authentic genuine psychics who possess real abilities. This, for you highlights the fact that there are plenty of fake psychics out there, who prey on people in genuine need of help or need closure.

              According to Bob Olson, who is a former private investigator and has over fifteen years experience of researching on psychics and psychic mediums, an average person will have difficult differentiating between a real psychic medium and a fake one. Scam artists or frauds that claim to be medium readers can be pretty convincing, they can manipulate and easily deceive people who are susceptible because of their desperation for answers, or are going through grief. There are signs that can help you spot a con artist:

              • They ask plenty of leading questions
              • They would provide you with messages that are vague and general rather than precise and accurate
              • They would claim you are cursed
              • They would seek for personal information like passwords, account numbers, social security card etc.

              So in order to get the services of best psychic mediums online, be careful of the scammers.

              Psychics and Medium Readers: Difference.

              A person can both be psychic and a medium, to reach the advanced level of medium ship one has to be a psychic. However, it is not necessary that a psychic would also be a medium, some psychics may have very weak link to the other side but not enough to be able to substantiate them as psychic mediums. A psychic’s abilities are on physical level. They are able to read auras, know things about a person’s past and present experiences, to some degree future too. An example of psychic ability is telepathy. Psychics show that there is a possibility of supernatural abilities for all, but they do not preset any evidence of the life after death.

              A medium however acts as a channel between the two worlds; spirit world and our physical world. A physic medium allows the spirits to communicate symbols, feelings and thoughts through them, which they then interpret for the sitter. These pieces of information are known as evidential pieces, since they serve as a proof that there is life after death. Techniques like clairvoyance are used; which means to see beyond normal senses and clairaudience, which means to hear beyond normal senses. Also, clairsentience, the person who picks up a thought and knows it; this kind of person is open to hunches, precognition, knowledge and dreams.

              You can find all the best physic mediums, which use variety of mediums here, to find the answers you have been seeking.


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              3. I’d like you to show me the way of my spiritual freedom, because I have inherited a protection family spirit which is a tiger or a panther. I’m struggling against this devil spirit for many years in vain. I became a beleiver of CHRIST when I was 17 years old.

              4. I’d like you to show me the way of my spiritual freedom, because I have inherited a protection family spirit which is a tiger or a panther. I’m fighting against this devil spirit for many years in vain. I became a beleiver of CHRIST when I was 17 years old.

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